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Bone Broth Recipe

If someone asked me what's the most valuable thing I've learned in my life thus far - it would be how to make my own bone broth!

Just kidding - but for real. Making my own bone broth has become such a staple in our home and we are all better for it!

Not only do we save on money because we've gotten in the habit of using bone broth for EVERYTHING but there are also NUMEROUS health benefits to making bone broth!

So let's start there: the BENEFITS!

There are a million articles that you can Google with benefits from consuming bone broth, but I'm going to share the ones from because they are my favorite:

1. helps repair leaky gut syndrome - our health starts in our GUT, so why not take care of it?!

2. keeps you collagen supply up! - instead of spending money on collagen powders and adding them to your coffee, muffins, soup, whatever - just drink a cup of bone broth!

3. protects joints

4. helps you sleep better!!!

5. supports your immune system

6. increases bone strength

7. provides essential nutrients

8. eat & cook healthier!

And those are just eight! There's so many more! (if you want to read up on each of the benefits - click here:

I get asked all the time how I make my own bone broth, and it's a lot easier than you think!

Full disclosure - this recipe calls for an Instant Pot or pressure cooker of some kind - if you don't have one of those, stop reading this and go buy one. You'll thank me later and in the long run, save money. It'll be worth the splurge!

First, I take my booty to Costco - or rather Max takes me to Costco because I'm not a member :) Now, why Costco you might ask? Rotisserie Chicken. They have the best and cheapest. End of story.*

Rotisserie Chicken and an Instant Pot are the key to this recipe.

While at Costco, or whatever store you are at in this scenario, you may also pick up your other ingredients:

yellow onion




seasoning: pepper, salt, basil, oregano, bay leaves, thyme

That's it. Your total cost will probably come out to be around $15 depending on the prices in your local grocery store or if you buy bulk at Costco it'll be a bit more.

After you've gotten everything on your list and made your way down every isle eating samples and purchasing all the other items you don't need in bulk - it's time to make the broth.

Here are your instructions:

1. Pluck the chicken meat from the carcass. Yes, I said carcass.

2. Then take the meat and save it for whatever you want! Use it in the soup you are preparing, freeze it for later, eat it as a snack, whatever you want!

3. Place outer, crispy skin and bones in the Instant Pot.

4. Roughly chop - and by roughly chop I mean like basically

whole, this is not for consumption, just flavor - half of an onion, 4-5 carrots, 4-5 celery stalks and then throw that into the Instant Pot.

5. Now add the seasoning - however much your heart desires!

6. Add water...from the sink or whatever water you prefer...until you reach the MAX level of the Instant Pot.

7. Set to "Pressure Cook" for one hour on high and voila! Let it do it's thing!

That's all she wrote!

Now, during this time do whatever you would like - but once the hour is up, be ready to release the pressure and STRAIN the broth from the goodies in the pot. I like to put a bowl under a strainer so the ingredients, bones and nonsense stay in the strainer and then the broth is in a bowl so I can easily scoop it into mason jars!

This recipe usually makes about 10 or so mason jar's full of broth - so roughly 15 cups!

Now that you have all this broth you might ask "What do I use bone broth for?!"

Here are some ideas:

Drink a cup every morning! (like a hot cup of coffee!)

Use as broth for soup

Use as a marinade for chicken

Use in mashed potatoes

Make gravy!

Pour over dog food (GREAT for dogs!)

Use in cauliflower rice

Use to make stews

Use it in stuffing

Use in tomato sauce

Use it in a smoothie! (yes, for real)

Use it to steam veggies

Use instead of olive oil while cooking in a pan...

There are so many things you can use it for! And if you don't use it all, freeze it and save for later!

Happy cooking :)

*if you have a favorite rotisserie chicken provider that is your decision. Use whatever bones you like :)

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