I'm Sam and I'm so excited for you to start your yoga journey with me! 

Whether you're just getting started or using this space to continue and compliment your studio practice, I hope you are able to grow in ways you never imagined and become the best version of yourself here! 

I started practicing yoga over 10 years ago and fall in love with it more and more every day! Yoga has allowed me to get stronger both physically and mentally and has changed my life for the better...and if you let it, yoga can change your life too! 

Health and wellness are so important to our daily lives and I hope you can find what you are looking for here to start your journey! Whether it's daily yoga practices, a bootcamp workout program, a meal plan to help focus on nutrition, or just some fun recipes to try I've created this space to try and provide it all for you in one easy place!

Namaste friends - and welcome :)

Ashtanga Yoga

Classes for all levels!

All the yoga videos you could ever need in one place! Here you'll gain access to everything from vinyasa practices, to zen classes, to quick 30 minute practices, and everything in between!

I love to cook!

Apart from yoga, another thing I love to do is cook! I love to cook with real, whole food and love to pass along my recipes to others! 

Enjoy :) 

Roasted Vegetables
Home Fitness

Who says you can't sweat at home?!

Working out at home can be tough, it can make you sweat, and you can see results! If yoga isn't your workout of choice, you are looking to make a change physically or mentally, or you want a concrete program to follow - check these out! Over 40 different workout programs with the top trainers in the country - all at home!

Yoga Equipment

"Self-care isn't selfish."